5 star review  An absolute solid band....and an INCREDIBLE tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Saw them at my favorite bar- The Bluebird in Bloomington, IN, and thought they put on an absolutely fantastic performance.

    thumb Jeremy Johnson

    5 star review  Amazingly talented and they put on an an incredible show!!!!!!

    thumb Elizabeth Wheeler

    5 star review  Way more than just another tribute band. They put on a show from start to finish that will leave you amazed. Hope you get back up in this area again safe travels.

    thumb Howard Moore

    5 star review  Had a great night listening to these guys cover the best band of all time!!

    thumb Brandy Warriner

    5 star review  Best cover band of my favorite group and singer ever !! As if I was in front if the real Fleetwood Mac....

    thumb Stephanie Allen

    5 star review  They are awesome the show they did in grand rapids last night was incredible

    thumb Dave Lightfoot

    5 star review  I had a really great time and I thought I was ACTUALLY listening to Stevie Nicks! If you are thinking about seeing this band in concert, you really need to go!

    thumb Sondra Allen

    5 star review  Great performance. Really enjoyed the show. Lead singer rocked it �

    thumb Todd Fuhr

    5 star review  Addison Friendship Plaza concert. 1st timers. You're Amazing! Thanks for a fun night.

    thumb Beverly Diane

    5 star review  Awesome show tonight in Addison. Even with the keyboard problem...

    thumb Christine Herwig Liebke

    5 star review  Love them!!! I've seen them 3 times in Birmingham and look forward to more shows in the future! �

    thumb Hailey Lann

    5 star review  I had the pleasure to listen to Rumours inside the Wicker Park Pavilion in Highland, Indiana on July 20th 2017....It was packed with the best bunch of people and Rumours made a huge impression on that sold out crowd...I hope Kelly Cantlon-Bridges can bring them back to Northwest Indiana next year.

    thumb Gary Burgeson

    5 star review  Excellent show, once again at Iron City last night. This band never disappoints.What a night!

    thumb Billy Crocker

    5 star review  Always a great time!! We have seen them about four times in Birmingham and have never been disappointed.

    thumb Ann Burns White

    5 star review  So on a whim, we decided to grab tickets and go see Rumours ATL at @IronCity in Birmingham. WOW! What a treat! First and foremost, they are engaging, truly have fun and enjoy what they do. Great energy and stage presence. Make no mistake however, these folks are pros ... in every sense of the word ... highly skilled musicians and super tight. I can assure you they've raised the bar for tribute/cover bands. If you have any question, let me give you an easy answer; go see them!!! You'll be glad you did. Terrific!

    thumb Jeff Holland

    5 star review  This band is about as good as it gets to the closest thing!! I love Fleetwood Mac!! This band delivers just that! I seen them at variety playhouse, and what a magical night!!!!

    thumb Christina Bentley

    5 star review  I was truly impressed with this tribute band! Especially the lady singing Stevie Nicks' lead songs! Musicians are wonderful! Very talented and recommend everyone to go see them when they get the chance! You won't be disappointed!

    thumb Vic Morales

    5 star review  Saw a great show by this talented and entertaining group of musicians at Harborfest Oswego, NY. Thanks for ending this year's festival on such a high note!

    thumb Angela Scaccia Galvin

    5 star review  Best Fleetwood Mac Tribute out there by far! So glad I had the opportunity to hire them. Will defnitely be inviting them back next year!

    thumb Kelly Cantlon-Bridges

    5 star review  Wow. Amazing show at Harbor fest. Gave me goose bumps. So glad I got to see them.

    thumb Lorraine M Pafumi

    5 star review  EXCELLENT TRIBUTE. I saw a YouTube video and thought "am I watching Fleetwood Mac?"

    thumb Richard Atkinson

    5 star review  Concert at wicker park in Highland Indiana was awesome. Absolutely loved it!!!

    thumb Teresa Burris Wilson

    5 star review  A group of talented musicians with real respect for the source band and their music, this is no run-of-the-mill tribute band! There are no lame imitations here, but heartfelt performances that evoke the individuals who made up Fleetwood Mac at the height of their popularity. In between songs, the banter is about FM's history, background of songs, etc., as well as their own stories from the road. The musicians' love of the band and their music is evident with every note played or sung. I was lucky enough to see FM on the Rumours tour in 1977 -- this band took me back 40 years! Bravo!

    thumb Christina E. Dow

    5 star review  Saw their show last night and love it! I would definitely go see them again. Highly recommended if you love Fleetwood Mac.

    thumb Janet Oleksy

    5 star review  awesome! excellent! no words can describe the show! just go see them. you wont be let down...rock n roll rumours!

    thumb Hal Bouchillon

    5 star review  Saw the show tonight in Charlotte. Awesome! Can't wait for you to return!

    thumb Kevin Haleÿ

    5 star review  I saw Rumors ATL tonight for the first time live at The Filmore. It was an outstanding performance. It's obvious from the moment they step out on the stage that they are passionate about what they do, and are thankful to have the opportunity to bring Fleetwood Mac back into the modern music world.

    thumb Tori Browne

    5 star review  Had a great time watching this tribute band tonight at Madlife. Excellent job!

    thumb Misty Carrick

    5 star review  RUMOURS is the absolute best of the best tribute bands ever!!!! The quality of music and performance is unbelievable!!! From the vocals on ''EDGE OF SEVENTEEN" to the bassline on "THE CHAIN" the showmanship and crowd interaction is unmatched and an awesome thing to watch! Ive seen them several times from the house of blues (orlando fl) to The Moon Nightclub (Tallahassee fl) they NEVER disappoint!!!! Get to a show at all costs!!!! Totally worth it!!!!!!!

    thumb Shaun Strickland

    5 star review  They are amazing, talented and put on a GREAT SHOW! Can't wait to see them again!

    thumb Tammi Nelms

    4 star review  You all were awesome tonight at the Canton First Friday event!

    thumb Ell Flansburg

    5 star review  Amazing Fleetwood Mac Tribute band! You will not be disappointed!

    thumb Sonya Light

    5 star review  Great show last night at The Stone Pony! You all were fantastic!

    thumb Michele Barry Bhagat

    5 star review  I am a veteran of multiple Fleetwood Mac shows from back in their late 70's heyday and they were, at best, inconsistent. Recently I had the pleasure of playing in a band that opened for Rumours ATL for a couple of nights and I'm here to tell ya - they kicked ass both nights. They were better at live-performing Fleetwood Mac songs than Fleetwood Mac. GO SEE THIS BAND!!!

    thumb Mark Hall

    5 star review  There's absolutely no other band that can pull off Fleetwood Mac like these guys! �

    thumb Sarah Buckner

    5 star review  If they're in a 100 mile radius, I'm there. This band puts on a heck of an authentic show with their own twist. I love being at their concerts.

    thumb Ellie Hardigree

    5 star review  I've seen Rumours several times. My daughter told me about them when they were just getting started . We all LOVE them! I have recommended them to all my friends. Their music is great and they are all very friendly. If you close your eyes and just listen, you think you are hearing Fleetwood Mac---seriously! If you get the opportunity to see them, GO!!!

    thumb Jackie Criswell Easterwood

    5 star review  This band has the best combination of Fleetwood Mac sound that we ever heard! They are very friendly and polite and we have enjoyed each and every time we have got to see them perform!!

    thumb Alisa Kelly

    5 star review  I go see this band every single time they come around Chattanooga. since the very first time, I've been obsessed. if you close your eyes, it sounds like Fleetwood Mac is standing in front of you. I have now seen them 4 times and for the 5th time in September. if you get the chance to see them, DO NOT MISS OUT. i've become friends with them and i can honestly say that they are some of the sweetest and most talented musicians.

    thumb Brooke King

    5 star review  I've seen Rumours seven times as of July 7, 2017. Every single time I have seen them, it has always been a phenomenal show. The musicians in this group are very kind and love their fans very much! If you ever get a chance to see them perform near you, get tickets! You will not regret it!

    thumb Carli Medley